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Brass Screw Lighter

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$55.89 CAD
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$65.89 CAD
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$55.89 CAD


This CHAI brass lighter is a unique lighter that is made to impress anyone. The screw (reusable match) holds the wick and when pulled out of the case, a flame will appear like on a real match.  To extinguish the flame, simply dip back the screw into the case or blow on it.


Type of fuel: Premium lighter fluid

Type of Metal: Brass

Refillable for LIFETIME use. Once the wick is burnt off simply pull on it and cut it with a pair of scissors. When the wick burns off completely, you can unscrew the cap at the top and insert a new wick!

* This Chai lighter comes packaged in a gift box
* Due to transport regulations, all lighters come empty of fuel

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