• How long does shipping take?

    Usually processing time is between 2-5 business days, then your order is picked up by Canada post and these are the estimated shipping times for each zone:

    Shipping Time:
    : 3-9 Business Days
    USA: 4-10 Business Days
    International: 5-12 Business Days

    Please keep in mind that due to Covid-19 many shipping companies suspended their “on time delivery guarantees” therefore packages may take longer to reach their final destination.

  • What does the packaging look like?

    Each lighter comes in a box (different boxes for different lighters). You can check the product page of each lighter to see what its packaging looks like.

    All orders are shipped in a matte black bubble mailer or in a cardboard box (if the order contains many items).

    The package itself does not mention the store name. It only has the shipping label which may contain duties information (what’s in the package) if you are located outside of Canada.

  • Where do you ship from?

    All orders are hand packed and shipped from our warehouse in Canada.

  • Do I need a minimum age to order?

    No, there is no minimum age to order lighters.

  • Do you do collaborations?

    Yes, you can send us a DM on instagram @bychai.shop, on Tiktok @by.chai or an email at hello@bychai.shop 

  • Why are lighters shipped empty of fuel?

    We ship worldwide from Canada which means your package will probably board a plane on it’s way to you.

    Hazardous goods like lighter fuel are banned from being shipped by air.

    Therefore, due to transport regulations, lighters are shipped empty of fuel and we also do not sell any fuel or gas.

  • How do I refill my classic lighter?

    All our lighters are refillable.

    CHAI classic lighters use premium lighter fluid.

    First take your lighter out of the case by gently pulling on the lighter. Grab the insert of the lighter and put it upside down. Pull the cotton pad up and fill your lighter until slightly soaked. Place the lighter back in the case. Wash your hands and try it.

    If you are more visual here’s a video tutorial on how to refill it:

    ▶️ Watch Tutorial #1

  • How do I refill my colour flame lighter

    All our lighters are refillable. CHAI colour flame lighters use extra purified butane. Grab a can of butane (with the right adaptor tip) and hold your lighter upside down. Go in bursts of 3 seconds into the valve until the lighter is full and the butane wants to start spitting out. Once that’s done WAIT at least 3 minutes before trying your lighter.

    If you are more visual here’s a video tutorial on how to refill it:

    ▶️ Watch Tutorial #4

  • How do I adjust my flame size?

    Flame sizes are only adjustable on butane lighter (all colour flame lighters). Each of these lighters have a valve located underneath the lighter. This valve needs to be slightly twisted towards the + or - sign using a flathead screw driver.

    If you are more visual here’s a video tutorial on how to adjust your flame size:

    ▶️ Watch Tutorial #5

  • My classic lighter does not spark anymore, how can I fix this?

    Classic lighters are meant to be used for a lifetime.

    If your lighter doesn't spark anymore, and does not work even after refilling it, it means you need to change the flint.

    Simply remove the lighter from the case and unscrew the cap at the bottom. You should have a long spring coming out. Tap the lighter gently to get the old flint out (small cylindrical rock). Then simply replace it with a new flint and screw back the spring in its place. Put back the lighter in its case and you’re all set!

    If you are more visual, here’s a video tutorial on how to replace your flint:

    ▶️ Watch Tutorial #3

Have any other questions? We will be happy to assist you: